Albedo Effect, Book 2 of The Shade Ring Trilogy

by Connie Lacy

After being terrorized by her father’s right-hand man, Neave Alvarez wants nothing more than to spend time with the love of her life. But her father, the disgraced former US Climate Secretary, suddenly turns up in China, not behind bars where he’s supposed to be. And he’s more dangerous than ever, demanding she dump her fiancé, calling him a “subhuman clone.”

While trying to protect her loved ones, she’s sucked into the escalating political upheaval over her father’s plan to shield the Earth from the sun’s rays. Mass protests spread like wildfire as world leaders lash out over who decides on a plan that impacts every nation around the globe.

A fast-paced novel set a hundred years in the future when oceans have risen fifteen feet and the temperature in Atlanta is 120 degrees.

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