Athenian Steel (Book I of The Hellennium)

by P.K. Lentz

GREECE 425 BCE. Four hundred Spartans are besieged on an island by the wily Athenian general Demosthenes. Fate has decreed that Athens shall win this battle, but victory in the long, grinding war shall go to Sparta. When a woman’s corpse washes ashore before the battle and springs to life, Fate is undone, history unwritten.

Men will call her Thalassia, for she came from the sea, but in truth her origins lie among the stars. Out of love for his city, Demosthenes will become Thalassia’s master and her slave, even knowing he might one day be reviled as the man who unleashed a terror upon Greece and the world. But if not he, then some other man, an enemy perhaps, will gain her favor. Thalassia has aims of her own, he knows, which have nothing to do with protecting Athens. He knows she has flaws which make her all too human and none too stable. And she has enemies of her own….

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