Badulina: a life changing docu-fantasy novel that will take you to an inspiring magical adventure

by Gabi Nitzan

Badulina is a tiny kingdom somewhere in Europe with 16,204 residents (as of last Friday), which conducts itself without laws, without politics, without marriage and without wars. Every resident of Badulina can be the next king. And everyone is brought up on the belief that there are only two ways to live in this world: as a king or as a victim. The author, Gabi Nitzan, undertakes a journey with the royal couple, the King and Queen of Badulina.

Nitzan accompanied the couple for three months, but the journey quickly loses the impression of objective journalism: Nitzan falls in love with the Queen and becomes devoted to the enchanting King, who tells him a few things about hunting dragons, addiction to war and death, love devoid of possessiveness, eating with your hands and the national moto of Badulina – “Better be well and happy than sick and miserable.” which practically guarantees that this story will not end in tears.

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