Bateleur (Genesis – Dreams of Eden Book 1)

19 May 2017

All of our stars align to form the world’s most meaningful work.

For the dreamers today who want to make their world a better place, Dreams of Eden is a synthesis of all of the thoughts of the great minds who dreamed the very same dream through the ages. It unifies the many models of epistemology, morality, emotionality, and ideology expressed through art, media, and literature into an expansive, epic-scale narrative.

What exactly does that mean?

Beyond all of the ideas, concepts, themes, scenes, and parallels it presents, Dreams of Eden is a collection of allegorical paeans to many timeless, artistic masterpieces; merging them all together into a single grand, cohesive, multifaceted story which is driven by an expansive cast of diverse personas who each reflect a particular aspect of humanity.

If you have ever pondered what it might take to make the dream a reality, Dreams of Eden is especially yours. As well as echoing the great voices and minds who came before us and deconstructing heaven, earth, and the human condition; Dreams of Eden at its heart is an eternal testament to the elusive paradise dream and source of reference for its fulfilment.

Allow the voices of the past to widen your perspective, and perhaps one day, in the not too distant future, the Dreams of Eden will no longer be dreams.


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