Beneath the Inconstant Moon

by ID Johnson

Baltimore, 1844: Genevieve Cawley, the daughter of a flour mill owner, has been in love with Spencer Hayes since the day she first laid eyes on him many years ago. His father happens to own the most successful shipping company in all of Maryland. On the eve of his final departure to the Caribbean before he takes over the company, Ginny and Spencer wed in secret. She awaits his promised return, holding on to the belief that he will be back before the moon wanes twice.

As time passes, and Spencer does not return, Ginny finds herself slowly losing her grip on reality. Everyone else believes Spencer is dead, and when Ginny discovers she is carrying his child, her options are limited. Her parents insist she marry another man for the sake of her baby.

Soon, Ginny finds herself all alone in a place she does not recognize, full of faces she does not know, and a child no one else seems to care for. But things are not exactly what they seem, and Ginny begins to search for answers, trusting no one.

Why have her parents disowned her? Who are all these strange people? Why won’t anyone speak her name? And what happened to the previous mistress no one dare mention? As her world begins to crumble around her, can Ginny hold onto her sanity, or will it completely fade away beneath the light of the inconstant moon?

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