Blood in the Water (Lone Star Mobster Book)

16 May 2017

Jane Hunter is in over her head. Growing up on the Autism spectrum in a neurotypical world, Jane has always been an outsider, even in her own family. Her father, Jed Hunter, is a federal judge, and she’s never measured up to his high expectations. After law school, Jane joined a prestigious Dallas firm and built a stellar reputation. The moral quandaries never bothered her, as long as the cases were interesting…until Oscar Valentine.

After Valentine’s grand jury doesn’t indict him, Jane discovers his horrifying secret. To make matters worse, Oscar confesses his feelings for her. Jane’s would-be lover wants to take her breath away. Literally. Jane only knows one man ruthless enough to protect her, Byron Beauregard. Beauregard is a notorious former hitman and a mob boss in the Lone Star Mafia. Can one killer safeguard her from another?

The devil’s advocate. The head of the infamous Beauregard family, Byron only cares about power and profit. While he hired Jane to protect his assets, he’s more interested in hers. Unfortunately, she rebuffs his advances. Now, Jane’s in need of his protection, so he’ll exploit the situation, and then move on.

Yet Jane intrigues him–she tells him the truth, no matter how harsh. He finds himself fascinated, possessive, and playing the hero, for once in his life. Byron wonders if he might become a better man with Jane at his side.
And together, they’ll stop a serial killer. Or die trying.

Blood in the Water is a standalone mafia romance novel, featuring an HEA.

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