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15 November 2014

Hey, readers, today Booktastik has something new for you. We know that book bloggers provide a great service to the book community, generously spending their spare time reading, reviewing and letting you know which books they enjoyed, or didn’t. There’s no better way to find a great book than recommendations, and with this in mind, each week we’re going to have an interview with a book blogger, find out a bit about the awesome people behind the blogs and get their you-have-to-read recommendations.

Our first book blogger is Australian, Sharon Pinky Pollock. She is an accountant by day and a bookworm by night. You can find her blog here Pinky’s Favourite Reads, and the Facebook page. So sit back and sip your coffee (or tea) and enjoy the interview.

Welcome to Booktastik, Sharon, and thanks for joining us. I’d like to start by asking why you decided to become a book blogger?

Hi Dionne, thanks for having me on Booktastik today.

I have always loved to read. I remember as a child going to bed and reading, and falling asleep with a book in my hands. As I got older, I would read a book and then gush at anybody who would listen how good/bad it was. Once I was introduced to ebooks about three years ago, I realized that there were a lot of people who didn’t know about all of the fantastic independent authors that were out there. I decided then that I would start a blog to let others know about the fantastic books I was reading. Hence, Pinky’s Favorite Reads was born.

How many books would you read each week?

I have a 1 hour train trip each way to work and home each week day. This is when I get the majority of my reading done. I usually read three or four books a week this way. Of course, if my interest is really captured by the book, I usually end up staying up late and reading until I’m finished. Not good for work the next day of course, but sometimes you just can’t put a book down.

If you hate a book from the beginning, for any reason, whether it’s because of the typos or the story or the annoying main character, will you read the whole thing? 

Yes! I am anal about some things, and finishing a book is one of them. It might take me weeks or even months to read, because I will put it down, read something else, then pick it back up again and read a few more pages. I will finish it, but it might take a while. That being said, there is one book that I haven’t finished reading yet. I started it about 2 years ago, got about halfway through and thought, nope this just isn’t getting any better. I will eventually finish reading it, one day—I might be an old woman by then, but I will finish it!


What are your favourite genre/s?

I love reading all genres, but I must say that my favourites are paranormal/fantasy and dystopian/scifi. I have just finished a dystopian sci fi from a fantastic new Brisbane Author. It is one of my recommendations.

What do you enjoy about book blogging?

Reading is one of the great pleasures in life. You can open a book and immerse yourself in another world and forget about the reality that is your life. In a book, your worries disappear. I enjoy being able to share this whole world of exciting new places to disappear to with others. Through the blog, not only do I get to let other people know about the amazing books that are out there, I also love to help promote the wonderful independent authors that invest so much of their life in producing books. If I can get one reader to buy a book that has been featured/reviewed or even mentioned on Pinky’s Favorite Reads, my effort has been a success.

Can you give us two recommendations for our readers? Let us know why you recommend these books. 

My first recommendation is from a new Brisbane Author named Mark Healy. The book is called After the Winter and is set in a post-apocalyptic earth where only a few synthetics — machines who have the appearance and emotions of the human who made it, are left. We follow one of these synthetics, on his journey of self-discovery and hope, through the wasteland back to his home and learn what is driving him, and a few other secrets along the way. While this is Mark Healy’s first book, I found the story to be very engaging and extremely well written. We are drawn into the story, and I found myself growing quite attached to the main character.

After the winter

My second recommendation a psychological thriller called Death Perception by Lee Allen Howard. Why would I recommend this book? Because it is a totally wild ride from the first page to the last. In reality, the main character, Kennet Singleton, could be living next door to any one of us. It is chock full of edge-of-your-seat horror and some rather gruesome scenes, so if you get a little queasy at gory things, I wouldn’t recommend you read it. It is well written, and you will find yourself being drawn into the story, kind of like a car crash on the side of the road, you know the one you shouldn’t really look as you drive past but you just have to..

death perception

Those were two great recommendations, Sharon. One for sci fi lovers and one for horror/thriller lovers. Thanks so much for joining us, and I can’t wait to check out your recommendations!

Readers, thanks for visiting, and if you enjoyed the post, don’t forget to check back next week for our next book blogger interview, oh and you can also share it on Twitter, Facebook or G+ if you feel the urge ;). Cheers!


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