Heart’s a Mess

23 December 2013

Rating:  5 out of 5 unicorns

Poor Violet always makes the wrong choice. Pity her boss, Alex, doesn’t feel wrong when she’s enjoying his body after work one night. That is, until the next morning when she realizes it could cost her a job. Alex had a bit much to drink before waking up with a strange, yet oh so sexy, bra wrapped around his wrist. Luckily, he has a flow chart to help him solve the mystery. Oh, he also has the scent of her perfume branded on his brain.

My favorite quotes:

“Sinking to the floor in humiliation was for pussies.”

“He always had liked that desk. Best desk ever. And the overwhelming urge he had to be with it right now could not be denied.”

You absolutely should snag this one and find out what those quotes are all about. The mixture of humor and heat kept me turning the pages. Well-written and—as always—Kylie Scott freaking rocks. I say, 5 stars all the way!

Reviewed by: Charity Parkerson Reviewer`s blog: The Sinner Author Blog


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