Booktastik Now Features Perma-Free eBooks!

11 June 2016

We recently surveyed over 7,000 readers who have subscribed to our Free Books category. The overwhelming majority (97%) were in favour of receiving information on perma-free deals. So, being people who love to see happy reader subscribers, we’ve changed our policy. Perma-Free ebooks will be featured in our Free Books category only, not in the genre categories.

If you would like to advertise in our Free Books category, your deal will go out in the newsletter to thousands of subscribers and will remain on the Free Books page on our site for at least 4 weeks.

We will make allowances for perma-free erotic books to be featured in the Erotic Fiction category rather than on the Free Books page.

For costings and subscriber numbers, please visit our pricing and estimates page,¬†and for other submission criteria, please visit our Submission Guidelines page. If you’re interested in book a feature, please go straight to our Advertise Now page. And any question, you can email us on

We look forward to seeing you and your ebooks soon.

The Booktastik Team.


  • "I'm really happy to have found a site that gives me great book recommendations, and I can check out legitimate reviews too."
    Emma Natoli, Sydney
  • "No other site lets authors advertise competitions or giveaway promotions. I'm looking forward to trying it out."
    Melinda Chapman, (Author) Melbourne

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