Bottled Up: A Humorous Paranormal Romance

15 April 2017

Rookie genie, Hayley-Jane Cook finds herself in a precarious position after becoming separated from her original master, dot com tycoon, Harold J. Thurston the third.

With Harold presumed dead, and Hayley abandoned, Hayley must find herself a new master fast—or forever remain Bottled Up. Enter poor, unassuming, would-be groom, Dick Harddick, who’s made his way down to the beach to end it all rather than go through with marrying Emily Parsnip, his overbearing, soon-to-be bride- only to find himself unwittingly committed to Hayley-Jane, instead. Just what Dick needs, a second woman he doesn’t want.

And has Hayley made a mistake? Has she prematurely propositioned Dick to be her new master? Is Harold really dead? Worse than all that, the unthinkable has happened; Hayley finds herself falling for Master number two. How can this be? It’s against Genie Law to fall in ‘forbidden-word’ with your Master. An act of genie treason, punishable by death.

What is a good, law-abiding genie to do?


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