Break me In (Xstasy Book 1)

15 July 2017

She wasn’t meant to be mine, but I took her anyway.

When Summer quit working at Xstasy, I never expected to see her again. Her leaving was for the best, even if I wanted to hunt her down and drag her back in chains.

Except Summer didn’t stay away. When she came back a month later with a new style, and a willingness to explore the boundaries of her sexuality and submission, I couldn’t pass up this second chance. Not when I’ve been dreaming of the things I wanted to do to her and make her do.

She baited the hook for someone else. Her eyes and heart spoke promises to another man.

He was the one she came back for. He was the one she wanted to give her virginity too. But she miscalculated when she put herself up on the auction block. Money talks, and to be the first man to break Summer in, I would pay anything.

Now she’s mine. Scared. Aroused. Owned. She shouldn’t be here, but now that she is, I’m not letting her go.


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