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  • Only Human

    Genre: Book reviews,

    5 out of 5 unicorns

    Only Human is a delightfully clever read full of imaginative, high-concept YA and Fantasy elements. As the description states, ‘this isn’t your typical book.’ The originality of this story, its many twists and turns, and the seamless weaving of real moments in history definitely mark this book as out-of-the-ordinary.

    Through the main character, Nathaniel, we get to meet vampires, angels, demons, therians, plant people, and other supernatural beings, as well as learn some interesting insights about “humans”. Nathaniel’s quips were always entertaining and the subtle philosophical components were also a nice touch. There were many quotable lines in this story, but my favorite was: “He who wins the battle defines history.”

    At first the story reminded me of The Man in the High Castle meets 12 Monkeys, then it took a completely unexpected and clever direction that no longer became definable. Estrada has written a fresh and original story that is sure to delight any reader. I can’t wait to read the next book in the Human Cycle series and see what’s in store.

    Reviewed by: Amie Irene Winters Reviewer`s blog:
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    • Strange Luck

      Genre: Book reviews,

      5 out of 5 unicorns

      Memories are a powerful thing and to a certain degree our greatest treasures. Think about it, what is life but an accumulation of experiences. That first kiss, that warm summer day where everything flowed perfectly, that candy that takes you directly to the brightest spot in your trail in this life.

      Within the pages of the book of the same title, Strange Luck is a lovely antique shop of oddities that gives home to a variety of haunted (or at least reportedly haunted) pieces to entice people who want to invite a little oddity and a little bit of luck into their lives, even if it is of the strange kind. Wallace is the owner of the store and Daisy is his daughter. She dreams of traveling and writing although her immediate future has her inheriting Strange Luck, which isn’t exactly the most wonderful outcome in her books.

      Among the countless fascinating objects within the store, there is a particular envelope that brings much attention… especially since it was supposed to be given to a Mr. Farnsworth and has been passing from generation to generation for the last century… until an odd looking man comes claiming said letter as his own.

      That’s when things start getting interesting and where Strange Luck takes you headfirst into an adventure that feels a bit like the Neverending Story and Alice in Wonderland while exploring a lot of new territory in the Nameless, a world sold as Utopia and which is far from it. As beautiful as it is frightening a concept, the idea does tantalize the mind.

      Amie Irene Winters does a wonderful job of keeping you interested in seeing what happens next until the book is over, and you’re wondering if you didn’t just lose a memory along the way. Daisy is a likable character as well as Roger, her best friend, but where this book shines is in the details, the could have beens, the side stories, and the rich foundation of a place called the Nameless. I felt myself standing in an area that was the fantasy equivalent of the vast caverns in Journey to the Center of the Earth.

      It is a beautiful book that made me smile and often surprised me with so many wonderful premises I can’t help but wonder what a collection of side stories would be like. What are fairies really like?

      I definitely recommend this book to any and all who love a good slice of fiction that leaves you wondering what if, over and over again, which is the sign of a story that sticks with you and would no doubt be a memory worth being stolen.

      Reviewed by: J.D. Estrada Reviewer`s blog:
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