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  • Earthweeds (Sons of Neptune Book 1)
    Rod Little
  • The Last Lie She Told
    K. J. McGillick
  • Death By Tradition
    B.M. Allsopp
  • Ash: Jagged Edge Series #5
    A.L. Long
  • A Breath She Took
    Ilan Amit
  • We Have Lost The Coffee
    Paul Mathews
  • The Word of Abusz Werber
    Michel Werber
  • The Age of Anomaly
    Andrei Polgar
  • Destination: Murder
    Abby L. Vandiver, Wendy Meadows, Carolyn L. Dean, Kathryn Dionne, Sylvia & Leigh Selfman, Sonia Parin, Angela C. Blackmoore
  • The Shadow Files: A Limited Edition
    carlyle labuschagne, Kristin Ping, Carly Fall, Monica Corwin
  • Shopping for a CEO
    Julia Kent
  • Murder on Edisto
    C. Hope Clark


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