Current Deals

  • Sparrow Squadron
    DL Jung
  • Circles (Shining Light’s Saga Book 1)
    Ruby Standing Deer
  • Western Fiction 10 Pack
    Multiple Authors
  • Prelude: A Prequel (Ghosts of Southampton Book 1)
    ID Johnson
  • The Subtlest Soul
    Virginia Cox

Past Deals See All

  • Cathar Blood: A Crusade for Heretics
    Stanley Sauerwein
  • The Mystery of Julia Episcopa
    John I. Rigoli
  • Settling the Wind
    Kari August
  • The Poland Trilogy: Push Not the River; Against a Crimson Sky; The Warsaw Conspiracy (The Complete Historical Saga)
    James Conroyd Martin
  • The Munich Girl
    Phyllis Edgerly Ring
  • Jacob’s Justice
    p.d.r. lindsay
  • The Prussian Captain
    Ann Brough
  • Geronimo’s Bones
    Darrell Bryant
  • The Munich Girl: A Novel of the Legacies that Outlast War
    Phyllis Edgerly Ring
  • Three Voices
    Nora Sarel
  • Across Great Divides
    Monique Roy
  • Letters from Skye: A Novel
    Jessica Brockmole


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