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  • Kingdom in Chains
    J.W. Zulauf

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  • The Prince of Korin
    Melody J. Bremen
  • The History Makers
    Val Bodurtha
  • Winter’s Siren: A Dark Reimagining of Swan Lake
    Krystal Jane Ruin
  • Esme’s Wish
    Elizabeth Foster
  • The Glitches: The Complete Series
    Ramona Finn
  • The Rhodi Saga Collection: Books 1-3
    Megan Linski
  • Playing Dead
    Bronson Palmer
  • Rhapsody in Dark Matter (Music is Magic Book 1)
    Sarah K. L. Wilson
  • The Girl In Between Series: Books 1-4
    Laekan Zea Kemp
  • Creatures of the Lands: The Complete Series
    Natalie Erin
  • The Desert Series
    Lisette Brodey
  • There Be Demons
    M. K. Theodoratus


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