Chambers of the Endless Heart: Short Stories

23 January 2018

James White award-winning author.

Only once you fall in love do you know what it means to be alive. But once you’ve found that kindred soul, your decisions become more complicated. In this collection of short stories, characters with very different backgrounds but one thing in common–the entanglement of love–reach deep into their hearts to reckon with challenges of romance, family and time.

The reminiscences of a family at Christmas become a meditation on love through the generations. A police officer reconsiders his priorities after an encounter with a violent criminal. A widower embarks on an obsessive mission to restore lost photographs of his wife.

Each of our experiences with love are at once brief and timeless, individual and universal. No one knows all the answers. But a selection of private journeys to achieve the ultimate in human selflessness can be found here, in these five chambers of an endless heart.

Bite-size love stories perfect for a stressful plane ride or the interminable wait for your car to have its oil changed. Guaranteed to warm the heart and make the world a brighter place!


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