The Charmer: Sin City Sentries – Book 1

8 February 2018

Zane… At only twenty-nine years old, I’m the head of PR at The Sentry, a Sin City casino I own with my three best friends. I got this far by being ruthless, but my warm personality will make you think otherwise. I know how to play my best assets.

And then trouble walks into my life in the shape of Diego Castillo, a new casino owner on the strip who’s siphoning off my business. He’s sexy as hell and every bit as cunning as I am. This native Spaniard is making me rethink our vicious rivalry. But there’s more to Diego than meets the eye, and if I want to stay in business, I’m going to find it.

Diego… I never meant to fall for Zane Anderson. And if I can help it, nothing will ever come out of it. I’m in a relationship after all…even if it is with a cruel man whom I’m starting to fear. I need to stick it through, because things will get better. Won’t they?

I know I should keep my distance from Zane. That tall blonde has bad news written all over him, but before I can stop myself, I’ve fallen for his flirtatious personality that matches my own, and now, there’s going to be hell to pay because the only place I feel safe is in his tatted arms.

The Charmer is an enemies-to-lovers gay romance with a high-heat relationship, a cruel ex, an unforgiving city of sin, and one big happy ever after.


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