Coal: Book One of the Everleaf Series

17 April 2017

Elves, Dragons, Shapeshifters, and Dwarves.

J.R.R. Tolkien and Percy Jackson Fans will love this epic coming of age fantasy from New York Times Bestselling author Constance Burris.

It hasn’t been easy living in the fey realm where humans are considered lesser beings. But things are about to get much worse for Coal, because he’s in love with his best friend, Princess Chalcedony, soon to be a Queen. Even if he wasn’t human, she’s way out of his league, and he knows it.

Except, thankfully, she doesn’t. She actually likes him back, kisses him even, and for a brief moment Coal believes there is hope for the two of them.

But when a human child breaks a law in front of the elite fey, Coal must choose between the girl he loves or saving the child’s life. And more hangs on the crux of that decision than Coal or anyone else in either realm has ever imagined.


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