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I am a Cossack: Spearhead in Putin’s hands

21 July 2017

Unable to speak or understand Russian, a man from Central Europe went to war and spent nearly two years in the Cossack Army where he fought alongside Russians, Chechens, Tatars, Yakuts, Uzbeks …. This book is not political, rather, it depicts a meeting of civilizations (the East and Europe) and common life in specific war circumstances.

While travelling unpaved and unfamiliar paths, this volunteer from Central Europe went to civil war in Donbas, in Ukraine. The war in the east of Ukraine and the far west of Russia presents the first Cossack war effort of the modern age. The author of this book, Seryoga Vladimirov, couldn’t resist this challenge so decided to go to the homeland of Little Russian Cossacks and fight alongside them and other volunteers from Ukraine, Russia and Germany for their freedom and goals, as well as his own. He put his life on the line as a warrior on the front lines of that horrible conflict. That’s why his book isn’t filled with any geopolitical or strategic approaches and theories about this war, rather, it represents an astute, lucid account “at first hand”, i.e. from the most protruded positions.

I am a Cossack is Seryoga Vladimirov’s autobiographical novel, honest and painful, simultaneously light-hearted and tragic – like wars themselves are.

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