Craving Jasmine

16 July 2017

Failed football star Riley Alexander is ready to settle down but the woman he loves is a thousand miles away in New York City, scaling up the ladder of success.

When a rash decision leaves level headed Jasmine Wright unemployed, she returns home to Summer Haven to lick her wounds. But Summer Haven is a small town and it’s not long before her path crosses with the reason she’d stayed away, star athlete Riley Alexander.

Years ago, Jasmine sacrificed a relationship with him to pursue her career. Though she’s still tempted by Riley’s teasing blue eyes and southern charm, Jasmine isn’t going make another career ending mistake. Especially when Riley makes it clear he intends to claim her heart. Again.

After a decade of wanting the woman he couldn’t have, Riley gets the second chance he’s been waiting for. Jasmine is back in town and this time, he’s not going to let her get away.

This is a Steamy standalone Contemporary Romance.


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    Emma Natoli, Sydney
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    Melinda Chapman, (Author) Melbourne

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