Dead Easy Ways to Boost Your Ebook Sales

by Berenice Aguilera

Dramatically increase your eBook sales!

Did you know that with very little time and effort, you can substantially boost your eBook sales?

eBook Marketing is a seriously daunting subject for most authors. We all know it needs to be done if we want any serious sales. However, it is an extremely time-consuming activity, when all you really want to do is get back to writing your next book.

Dead Easy Ways to Boost Your Ebook Sales is a resource giving you over 50 quality sites where you can promote your Christian book, many of which are suitable for the promotion of other genres.

You will discover some unexpected places to effectively promote your book together with prices and main submission requirements. Also included are simple ways you can get your book reviewed, so you can give your book the best possible start in life.

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  • "I'm really happy to have found a site that gives me great book recommendations, and I can check out legitimate reviews too."
    Emma Natoli, Sydney
  • "No other site lets authors advertise competitions or giveaway promotions. I'm looking forward to trying it out."
    Melinda Chapman, (Author) Melbourne

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