Desert Star (The Desert Series Book 2)

by Lisette Brodey

Larsen Davis is having a bad year. Being bullied at school is one thing, but when he goes home, his mother, Raylene, bullies him for being gay. After he is offered a job, by his best friend’s mother, renovating the Desert Theatre, his home situation deteriorates, as Raylene is dead set against the idea of her son doing what she considers “gay work.” With no other option, Larsen leaves.

Now working at the Desert Theater, Larsen feels the unearthly presence of someone in the long-abandoned building. As it becomes evident the theater may have a ghost, it also comes to light that someone may be sabotaging the renovation and the planned opening-night show. Is the ghost real or just the handiwork of someone with a grudge?

Opening night at the Desert Theater sets the stage for a crime, never-imagined reunions, long-awaited explanations, and otherworldly miracles.

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