Disguised Blessings

1 February 2017

You can have a happy past, and you can have it now. Chara Davis learned that the hard way. When she was just four, Chara’s mother became very ill, throwing her life into a dark turmoil, literally overnight. Shuffled off to relatives and family friends, she endured family dysfunction and child abuse from an early age. Her traumatic childhood and adolescence led to a lifelong struggle with obesity, anxiety and depression. But in her late thirties, she was admitted to a recovery program that turned her life around. After years of feeling victimized, she created a new and promising future for herself, by recreating her view of the past.

Today, Chara is a happily married mother of three, with a prospering career: helping people become fit and healthy. In Disguised Blessings, she shares her life story and revolutionary truth, with the hope of inspiring others to overcome their life challenges.

Chara tells her story, holding nothing back. You too can free yourself from viewing your past as an irreversible imprint of heartache and failure. Learn to let go of what drags you down, and recognize your own Disguised Blessings so that you can propel yourself into a brighter future.


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