Diving Into Him

by Elizabeth Barone

Jett Costa lost everything when she started drinking: her band, herself, and a second chance at love. Running away from the gaping hole that was her life in New York, she moves to Boston. Starting from scratch isn’t easy—especially when her ex-boyfriend Koty Jackson is tagging along with her.

Jett thinks she has plenty of time to get things rolling, but a phone call reminds her of a show she forgot that she promised to play. The clock is ticking, and Jett has to throw together a passable band—or lose the game before it’s even started.

On top of everything else, Koty wants to rekindle whatever it was they had in New York. Jett is intent on obeying the golden rule of band culture from now on, though. She just has to keep her hands off of Koty and ignore the sizzling sparks that fly between them every time they play together.

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