On the Edge of the Loch: A Psychological Novel set in Ireland

2 December 2016

In the Arizona outback, no one came to meet Irishman Tony MacNeill.After nine years locked up; that’s how he wanted it. All he needed was a life. Not the one that had been taken from him. But the life he might have lived, to be who he was meant to become.

At fourteen he’d lost that, and his boyhood. And now, at 27, he is finally beating the scourge of injustice and building stability. Then, out of the ether, Lenny Quin appears. To him she’s an apparition, a fantasy almost.

But she’s real. With a story as extraordinary as his.

On this day, after a winter of hopelessness, in a tiny seafaring village in western Ireland, the unlikeliest resurrection looms. The future, the love,the life she promises forges in him an oath no power will easily curtail.

Not that he desires trouble. But even here, in search of nothing but spirit, and even as their fires fuse intimately, the warning signs are clear. Soon, spine-chilling events force them apart. Secrets and silence fog what’s true. And very old wounds and new dreams collide.

Is the past a forever prison for each of them? Destiny too powerful a foe? Against all that divides them, and for all they together might be, Tony MacNeill will commit all he is — once again.


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