Emergency Income Streams – How to Create Fast Cash in 14 Days or Less

by Kristi Patrice Carter

Emergency Income Streams: How to Create Fast Cash in 14 Days or Less

It happens even to the best of us—financial emergencies. We think we’re covered, but then life throws us a curve ball, and we wonder how we’re going to pay the bills. What makes the situation worse is the emotional and mental stress a financial crisis can cause us and our families.

As author Kristi Patrice Carter writes in this new book, “Although things may seem out of control, they most certainly aren’t.” How does Kristi know this? Because she’s been where you are right now, and she can show you how to recover from financial strife, utilizing her signature friendly voice, straightforward approach, and proven methodology.

Start Rebuilding Your Finances Quicker

Get ready to dig yourself out of your financial hole with a little hard work, an effective action plan, and a change in mind-set. With over ten options to choose from, you’ll go from bringing in $0 a week to $500+ a week.

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