Eons Semester

by Jim Rudnick

Jilted by his Royal fiancee, captain Tanner Scott is assigned to Eons and the newly constructed RIM Naval Academy buildings, and the duty is anything but a reward. His days are full of squabbling university professors and construction types all nitpicking for changes to plans, and the boredom of detail is a horrible side-effect.

He learns there is more to looking after a successful construction project than being at the top of the heap when the mind-readers of the Issians, who run Eons, come to him for help. He knows the Baroness is somehow also involved, but the openness of the Master Adept and her Inner Circle is what is so surprising to him.

As the Naval Academy is finally ready to open, and the heads of state of many of the RIM Confederacy planets arrive, the protestors against the Issians make their play to publicly humiliate the Inner Circle. Tanner must find a way to quell the uprising before he and those around him become casualties.

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