Exiled: A Tale of Abod le A’nor

2 September 2017

Bess has secrets. Dangerous ones.

Disguising herself as a maid at Tishan’s most infamous House of Horté, she hopes to hide from the devastating consequences of her painful history. After witnessing a brutal attack, Bess knows she must set aside her own fears to help rescue Selina from the grim fate of sexual slavery to the House’s vicious master.

When Bess spies a ghost from her past, the secrets she has buried deep threaten to engulf her, and ruin all her plans.

But a tide of unrest has gripped her world. Kings and those descended from the Ancient Voce jostle for preeminence; and the mysterious Shadow Creatures stir within their prisons of stone. The culmination of the ancient prophecy draws nigh.

Now Bess must fight the selfish and the malignant intentions of both man and magical creature if she hopes to attain freedom for both those she pities, and those she loves.

*Warning—Mature audience.


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