Fallen: Universal Law

11 August 2017

Fifteen years ago, at the beginning of the Third World War, Others–demons, vampires, werewolves, and everything in between–made their existence public on live broadcast, plummeting the world into turmoil. Four bloody years later, the war ended, governments banded together, and universal law came to be.

A sexy, selfish demon knight. A courageous vampire slayer.

The job seemed straightforward enough. Hunt and bring in a Fallen’s vampire-turned friend for reconditioning. What vampire slayer Elise Castle didn’t expect is for the vampire’s friend and boss to be so dangerously seductive.

After her Fallen father had left her mother for a woman with money and power, Elise vowed never to get involved with a Fallen. After her cop boyfriend was killed by her Slayer energy during their first time having sex, Elise swore never to sleep with a man again.

Xavier Doom could have her breaking her promises.

As a man, he’s dangerous to her heart with his charm and willingness to protect her at all costs. As a Fallen, he might be strong enough to handle her half Fallen, half Slayer energy. Falling for the dangerous, rich and powerful demon knight is the last thing Elise needs in her complicated life.

When an alliance is revealed that will guarantee Xavier more money and power, will he stay true to his feelings for the stubborn, loyal and fierce Slayer? Or will he break her heart and go after what he is born for? Fallens are known for their insatiable appetite for women, money and power.

Lives are at stake and loyalties are put to the test. Danger closes in around them, and Xavier and Elise must work together to discern who is a friend, and who is the true enemy.


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