Feast for the Beast

18 March 2017

All the monsters are gathered for a feast. Felipe Femur the skeleton, Sunny Stoker the vampire, Runny Rotten the witch, and Gummy Garou the werewolf are celebrating the winter season together. Cozy in Gummy the toothless werewolf’s crescent moon home, they’re ready for lots of good food. While the turkey cooks, everyone enjoys the holiday parade and a Loch Ness pop-star concert on TV. Everyone except for the beast Gummy. He’s too hungry to wait and sneaks off for a little snack. Just a little one. A little turns into a lot and Gummy finds himself in a tough situation. Read along as he attempts to make things right and save the holiday from being ruined.

Feast for the Beast is a full rhyming story for kids. Each four line stanza has an accompanying illustration with depictions of the monsters, foods, and cute groups of living fruitcakes. Dressed up with festive holly leaves, sprinkles, and weapons of doom, the fruitcakes are a cute and fun addition to the cast of characters. A full course of corn, green beans, cranberry sauce, ham, turkey, fruitcakes, tomb-scones, Slender-Tenders, pumpkin pie, grave goblets, witch’s brew party punch, and fun awaits!


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