Forever We Play

28 June 2017

It’s America’s pastime … when your time is past.

Baseball … that diamond cut on emerald grass under turquoise skies … is where heaven meets earth. Down-home dialogue breezes through dugout chatter and buzzing fans to find the sunny disposition in all of us. Baseball is the true escape, taking one’s soul to a better time in a better place, where life is but a game and a loss is still a win because you were there.

In Forever We Play, that life IS the afterlife. Through the stained glass eyes of religion, come the refrains of the ballpark. Baseball is gospel, Jesus is a slick-fielding shortstop from the Dominican Republic and Fielding Schmelling is a rookie soul taker with the Houston Astros. When an attractive realtor falls out of a Florida upper deck, he shepherds her soul aboard the Evans / Murgatroid bus in preparation for Opening Day. She must choose a team, who must then win the World Series if she wants to reach heaven. God has streamlined the purification process.

A three-base error is still a sin, the Chicago Cubs have yet to win and – with so many souls – you know the devil wants in.


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