The Ghosts of Hanson House

24 January 2017

Evil lurks just down the road. It’s been waiting, and the wait’s over…

The last thing Emma wanted to do this summer before high school was spend it on a farm. But now she’s stuck, along with her kid sister Julia, and worst of all her two snotty cousins from New York City. Her grandparents are selling the place this Fall, and want some kind of ‘bonding experience’ to happen between the four cousins this final summer. Bonding? None of them had ever spent an overnight here, let alone a month.

On their very first night cooped up in the farmhouse, Cousin Grace sees a mysterious light coming from the dilapidated ramshackle house across the fields. The place is supposed to have been vacant for years, so what’s up with that? They ask Grandpa about the Hanson home at breakfast and he totally loses it and forbids them to go near the place.

Well it’s the only interesting thing on this dumpy island. And besides, Grandpa really got their curiosity up about Hanson House … and we know what curiosity did to the cat, right?


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