The Goddess Strikes Back

by Mary Benton

The Cat Goddess has come to town. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride.

From a humble start in the far west of New South Wales she soon takes centre stage and turns Australia on its head.
In a stellar career she becomes a much feared criminal lawyer in Sydney, and later enters the Federal Parliament, holding the balance of power in the Senate. Is anybody safe?

Along the way she tracks down the elusive Mr Big, helps foil an Ides of March conspiracy to assassinate the Prime Minister and, most shockingly of all, she uncovers the sinister tentacles of the KGB in the corridors of power.

Other exploits include visits to her friend Queen Hatshepsut of Ancient Egypt, and regular advice from Cicero via channelling sessions.

Can the twin pillars of Rome and Egypt set Australia in a new direction?

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