Going Dark

10 March 2017

Murder, lies, and passion bind them together. Duty and honor threaten to tear them apart.

After a lifetime of neglect and abuse, Trip Peyton joined the Marines the day she turned eighteen and didn’t look back.

Nathaniel Benz has worked as the fixer in a local crime syndicate for the past ten years. Tired of cleaning up other people’s messes, he plans to break and run.

When wounds, deep enough to drown in, threaten Trip’s career, she is forced back home to face the demons plaguing her. The night she arrives, she reconnects with Nate, an old friend, and the heat between them is undeniable.

As Trip and Nate navigate the emotions neither wants to accept, Trip struggles to come to terms with her past and uncovers painful family secrets – secrets that tie her to the people she’s working to bring down. Meanwhile, Nate is caught between his desire for Trip, his commitment to his boss, and his drive to escape a life of crime.  When everything they believed in is a lie, there’s nowhere to turn except to each other.


  • "I'm really happy to have found a site that gives me great book recommendations, and I can check out legitimate reviews too."
    Emma Natoli, Sydney
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    Melinda Chapman, (Author) Melbourne

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