Hard Cash: A Cash Brothers Novel

7 September 2017

Taking it easy has never been this hard. Go ahead. Ask me what’s on my mind. It’s cash.

Specifically, the Cash family business. I’m in charge of our entire real estate empire, and I’ve worked harder than anyone to stay on top. So it’s no wonder that every woman I meet wants a piece of me. Too bad—I’m wedded to the job.

I’ll say it right now: Josephine Paxton doesn’t have a chance. I hated her in school. Now she’s all grown up and tormenting me on the one vacation I’ve taken…ever. I’m not here to make friends. I’m definitely not here to fall for her. But damn it, I can’t resist her luscious body. She’s the kind of hot that money can’t buy.

Enemies with benefits? Sure. And that’s all. When we leave this island, it’s over. I swear…

Hard Cash is a steamy full-length billionaire novel with adult language and an HEA that will have your heart beating…hard.


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