I am Raymond Washington

30 March 2017

I am Raymond Washington provides the reader with an unprecedented look into the life of the founder of the Crips. Forget everything you have been told about who started the Crips and why. Most of it is wrong, very wrong. Welcome to the only authorized biography of the undisputed founder of the Crips. Filled with interviews of friends, family and acquaintances from people who knew and grew up with Raymond Lee Washington. Don’t look here for horrific stories of gang violence and crimes committed by gang members; that has been done before. If you are looking for a factual and intuitive look into what made Raymond Washington unique in the mean streets of Los Angeles, this book is for you.

Filled with stories and eyewitness accounts of those that knew who the real founder of the Crips gang, find out why his name is still spoken on the streets of Los Angeles with hatred, fear, awe and reverence. Enter the world of Raymond Washington, and see how an apparently unremarkable 15 year old kid in the fall of 1969 would sit down with his best friend and form what would become one of the single most successful, feared and hated gangs in the world.


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