A.J.: The Android Credo

by Joe Dacy

“Be Useful; Be Human.”

That’s the credo that produced A.J., the most advanced android ever made by Cloud_IA, the corporate giant at the forefront in the field of Intelligent Avatars (IAs).

In 2038, a young quantum programmer is given a critical mission: revamp the “Wisp,” the Hard-Wired Human Safety Protocol (HWHSP), which prevents Companion Androids from harming humans. His second goal is to enhance her human interaction; his third, to find a way to give her emotions, intuition and foresight.

Haunted by the peril of Invasive Automation, some in this world of high-tech marvels oppose android development. Robots have already stolen their jobs; they fear they will become the Servants of the Machine. And they will resort to violence to achieve their ends.

But does a more subtle danger lurk within this hard-science drama? Will amplification of the semblance of humanity in androids result in the diminishment of humanity — in humans?

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