The Keeper of Pulau Purba

4 June 2017

A Military-Horror Novel set in the unique backdrop of a first-world Asian country’s backwaters.

Alex Kee is an author. As he is working on his magnum opus, he is called up for military reservist duties. At 35 years old, this is far from the first time he’s doing this – except he’s been transferred to a new branch of the military camped at Pulau Purba, a previously undeveloped island south of Singapore.

Unable to write, he finds solace instead in his old army buddies. The closest amongst them is Nur Aidah, who is voluntarily serving despite the law requiring only men to do so. While old wounds are reopened, new ones emerge.

Alex finds that there is something wrong with Pulau Purba. The soldiers stationed there are tense even by conscript standards. Anger boils in the hearts of many and violence is common. Meanwhile, a grotesque creature stalks Alex in his sleep. Although he suspects he isn’t alone, no one talks about it.

A thunderstorm’s coming, and it will threaten everything Alex holds dear.


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