Legacy (New Adult Paranormal Suspense)

16 September 2017

Too many parties, and late nights leave Keira flunking another college program. She’s cute, with a quick wit, always able to charm her parents into giving her another chance.

But, Not. This. Time. “What do you mean I have to live with a grandmother I never even knew existed?” Banished to a country estate, living with an old lady, a virtual stranger?

Keira’s about to find out how ‘strange’ her grandmother is–living in a haunted mansion, able to read minds and move objects with just a thought? Sure, Grandmother is actually kind of fun and charming, but being there is seriously creepy.

It’s time for her real education to begin. It was planned when she was a baby. Will she be brave enough to claim her paranormal legacy? The order of the universe depends on her doing so.

A supernatural thriller with danger and magic.


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    Emma Natoli, Sydney
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