Love in the Time of Zombies

by Jill James

Influenza swept the planet, killing two billion in months. In the decimated United States, the food and water supply is sprayed with a flu vaccine. It mutated up the food chain. The infected craved the flesh of the living, and the undead walked the earth. Overnight, Emily Gray’s privileged world was ripped away. From pampered trophy wife to sharpshooter zombie hunter.

Seth Ripley was a truck driver with simple dreams. His home and livelihood are gone and his mother is in a coma brought on from the stress of getting out of Oakland ahead of the horde of undead. When surviving day to day is all you ask of life, love seems an unrealistic dream. Could the zombie apocalypse bring Seth and Emily together, and even if it does can they survive death, destruction, and a madman who wants to control what is left of the world?

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