Minimalism: Declutter Your Mind, Declutter Your Life

by Todd Foley

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” — Apple Computer slogan, 1977

We can learn something from the late Steve Jobs about minimalist living: How to declutter, live simply and be generous, all while achieving our dreams.

“Minimalism: Declutter Your Mind, Declutter Your Life,” will help you to:

    • Gain control over your life
    • Have less stress
    • Use the “J-Word” to free yourself of consumer thinking
    • Use the 5 Box System to declutter your home
    • Read 20 inspiring minimalism quotes
    • Gain a better sense of self
    • Make room for more joy in your life

Minimalist living is about finally making the space in your life to become who you truly are. Learn from history’s greatest thinkers how they achieved great success in their lives through a life of minimalism. Take back control of your life today. Buy this minimalism book to get started right now.

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