Mystic Tea

11 April 2017

YIKES – a Vatican investigation! Whatever shall we do?

An inspirational and sometimes comical story of six quirky women living in a rural monastery—all that remain of a community that once thrived. Lost in an emotional and spiritual fog, they struggle daily with faith, friendship, loyalty, obedience, crushing debt, and now an official Vatican investigation. Only a miracle can save them. So where are the miracles?

There are few possible, yet unlikely, channels for miraculous intervention: Mike–the stern but earnest prioress; Gemma–the unstable 30-year-old novitiate with a dark secret; Arielle–the endearing 20-year-old jailhouse convert; and Mother Augusta–the unorthodox elderly mystic who performs unsanctioned rituals and brews her own magical teas. How these eccentric sisters will survive the Vatican’s inquiry is anybody’s guess.

This is a contemporary love story between young and old, franchised and disenfranchised, pedestrian and mystic. It is a tale of female empowerment as the sisters struggle to find their way out of the holy crucible in which they are entangled. Miracles are redefined as crises share boundaries with miraculous transformations, and an oppressive past makes way for a surprising future.


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