Near Perfect (Dare You Book 1)

24 August 2017

Not one to take a chance, Lucy Badeaux takes the biggest one when she uproots herself from her home town of Palm Springs and moves to a small town in northern Washington state. The location is perfect. Her job and schedule is perfect. Getting away from the drama of her ex-boyfriend hooking up with her stepsister . . . perfect.

Too bad living next door to hunkiest of hunks, Bryce Morgan, ex-Supercross champion extraordinaire, is less than perfect. He mows the lawn too early in the morning, talks too loudly on the phone about his personal issues, and annoys Lucy with his I’m-too-good-for-you attitude.

When Bryce finds her little book of secrets, Lucy suspects him of intending to bribe her with it. But what does Lucy have that Bryce wants?

As the attraction between them heats up and the barriers of their misconceptions of one another crumble, Bryce and Lucy soon realize their mutual “experiment” and near perfect friendship is the perfect set-up for love or . . . heartbreak.


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