Painful Deliverance

10 February 2017

‘He won’t find me, he won’t find me’, Alexis tells herself – and starts to believe – as she finally makes the break she has been planning. He is rich, he is powerful, and he knows how to use systems and people to get what he wants. Her will – and need – to break ties from him and make a new life for herself is strong. She can’t take any more in his never-ending need for pain to be delivered to him, by her hands.

She knows it’s nothing abnormal. She knows others enjoy it. But with every new level of pain he directs her to deliver to him, she feels another piece of her soul die. She knows he won’t easily let her go. But she has to leave. Escape. Move on. Forget.

She just has to hope that wherever she goes – whoever she meets – she won’t find herself in exactly the same situation again.


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    Emma Natoli, Sydney
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