Prelude: A Prequel (Ghosts of Southampton Book 1)

by ID Johnson

A Prequel to Ghosts of Southampton: Titanic

Meg Westmorland is a young lady wishing for freedom—to no longer be the pawn of her scheming mother and monstrous uncle. When she finds she’s been promised to a wealthy American, she’ll do whatever she must to flee the only home she’s ever known in Southampton, hoping for a new life in America and the chance to start over, even if it means leaving behind the wealthy, privileged life to which she’s grown accustomed. For Meg, her outer appearance of sophistication is only a facade, and if anyone knew the terror she experienced at home, they’d never suspect such a polished young woman had ever been victimized in such an unspeakable manner. She yearns for the opportunity to run away and build a new life for herself in New York City.

Charles Ashton believes in keeping promises and doing what’s right. He learns at a young age that his father has made an arrangement with a now deceased friend for Charlie to marry his daughter, so he vows to follow through and marry Meg even if it means casting his personal feelings aside. However, his attempts at meeting Ms. Westmoreland are thwarted at every turn, and eventually Charlie begins to wonder if Meg even exists at all.

Find out how Meg and Charlie came to find themselves aboard the most famous ship in history in this prequel to the widely read Ghosts of Southampton: Titanic.

Do we control our own destinies or are our lives left up to fate?

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