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Booktastik’s goal is to offer cost-effective pricing. We understand authors and publishers put a lot of effort into publishing their books, and every promotional dollar is valuable.

You’ll notice that some of our table fields are blank. That’s because we’re relatively new. As soon as we have some figures, the table will be updated.

You can promote your books and authors on Booktastik in 5 ways:

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Book Category                Subscribers
Free Books (9900+)
New Releases (4000+)
Action Adventure (4000+)
Christian Fiction (3000+)
Children’s Books (2800+)
Contemporary Fiction (3400+)
Cooking (1900+)
Erotic Romance (4400+)
Historical Fiction (3900+)
Historical Romance (3100+)
Fantasy  (5500+)
Horror (3400+)
Humour (4100+)
Literary Fiction (2500+)
Memoirs & Biographies (2700+)
Mystery (6700+)
Non-Fiction (3600+)
Paranormal (4200+)
Poetry (2100+)
Romance (7200+)
Romantic Suspense (4400+)
Science Fiction (3400+)
Thriller (5800+)
Women’s Fiction (4400+)
Young Adult (4200+)
Listing Cost
Free Book Stats
Avg Dwnlds Range
 200 70 – 500
Discounted Book Stats
Avg Sold Range
 To be updated soon

Sales estimates are calculated using actual recent conversion rate data reported by retailers, and are continually adjusted based on changing list size and
performance. Free book downloads are based on click data and conversion rate estimates from customer feedback.

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