Public Service

25 September 2017

What would happen if you lost your job? How would you pay the car loan, mortgage, medical bills, and put food on the table? What if you discovered a conspiracy to give someone else your job? Would you roll over, try to re-train and start over or would you fight to save your job and your family?

How far would you go?

Moreover, how well do you know the person who works beside you? Is she or he a person who co-worker’s comments would say ‘he was a great guy’, ‘a family man,’ ‘never had any problems with her; always a team player and positive’?

What would it take to push you over the edge? Would you be in denial if your colleague turned out to be a killer? These situations and dilemmas drive the story of Jeff Parsons in Public Service:

Could you become Jeff? Could you become a killer?

Public Service. Not many jobs are for life. Jeff Parsons was angry, angry enough to kill. A reliable, dependable, and mostly honest public servant, Jeff expected to ride the government gravy train undisturbed until his retirement in 2025. On Friday March 2, 2012, Jeff’s train derailed; a confidential email revealed that Jeff’s boss, under the guise of government-wide cutbacks, planned to ‘let Jeff go’ and use the savings to reward and promote their sycophant lackeys and painted whore. Unemployment at fifty would destroy Jeff’s life and threaten the security and health of his children. That was not acceptable.

Desperate and determined, Jeff analysed the problem; six deaths in seven days ought to be enough.

All he needed was a killer.


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