Space Knight Denxeiter (Francescan War Chronicles Book 1)

18 March 2017

Feln Koenig is a Space Knight, one of a very few augmented people in the Francescan Star Empire who bears the “Blessing” that allows him to pilot one of the supremely powerful super robots known as Hyper Battle Machines. Since he received the Blessing as a child, Feln’s had a Companion: Aaltskog, a quirky female android who loves Feln fiercely and helps him to synch his mind and body with his Hyper Battle Machine, Denxeiter. Denxeiter carries enough firepower to destroy an entire battle fleet, but Feln has his suspicions that the robot is much more than a mindless weapon.

After years of hard fighting against the Aldonis Federation, Feln is finally given a reprieve when he’s assigned a peaceful mission to escort a fleet on its way to colonize a new world. That reprieve is short-lived when the fleet is ripped from space jump into an uncharted part of the galaxy, where debris makes communication and navigation all but impossible. It seems as if this region of space itself has a malevolent mind… and when a terrifyingly disturbing enemy suddenly attacks, Feln, Aaltskog, and Denxeiter will be pushed to their limits… and beyond.

Massive fleets of starships, space monsters, and robots violently clash with devastating results in this fantasy space opera inspired by classic anime, pulp science fiction, and military history! This standalone novel is the first in a series detailing the exploits of the Francescan Star Empire’s forces throughout its existence.


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