SPHERE (YA Robot Cyberpunk)

23 April 2017

With machine advancements embedded within human bodies, the questions of social inequality and prejudice come to light…

A year after the events of Exotiqa, Fione and Maci are now facing ImaTech’s latest threat, the Humanbot program. Under the careful eye of Russell Wagner, this won’t be easy.

With Sector Spheres keeping watch on Fione and her best friend Spear joining the rebellious Vigilante group, Fione has to trust Pix more than ever. But is his allegiance to the human race the same as hers?

Meanwhile, Maci is happy to have Thirty back in her arms, but she has struggles of her own trying to keep off the radar of the Flexbot Recycling Centers that want to destroy any conscious Flex, and while she relies on Thirty for survival she has doubts of her own about his loyalty.

In this original series, we watch humans lose their humanity as they become more robotic, and robots become more humanlike with a sense of love and compassion.


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