The Strange Case at Misty Ridge

8 May 2017

The dead are never still, they exist just beyond the corners of our eye, in the barren wasteland beyond our own phantasmagoria, and we, for the most part, remain oblivious to their plight.

Jack Keswick survived a tragedy that claimed many lives. He knows he is a lucky man.
Life changing injuries forced Jack into semi-retirement, but he now spends his days fulfilling what has been a lifetime passion; investigating reports of paranormal activity.

These cases have led to his experiencing a number of unexplained incidents; though he also has his own cross to bear when it comes to the bizarre. Since the accident which almost ended him, Jack has developed a tendency to experience out-of-body events, and these unaccountable bouts of astral projection are now presenting questions of their own.

When a young woman turns up at Jack’s door, claiming her home is infested with troublesome spirits, his investigations lead to a haunted cottage, the restless dead, and the revelation of a maleficent force that will forever change Jack’s perception of reality.


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